*Influencing better outcomes.

Shaping Australia's future

Axess Advisory is an independent Australian-owned consultancy with a vision for creating a more sustainable built environment.

Our business is to provide strategic advisory services to public and private sector organisations responsible for the delivery of economic, social and environmental infrastructure projects.


Axess provides clarity in a setting of great complexity

We have built a reputation for providing high-level advice that helps projects surpass their business objectives, delivering sustainable results to the various stakeholders.


  • Technical and strategic advice
  • Peer review and advisory services
  • Risk management and due diligence
  • Civil engineering advisory services
  • Commercial, contract and procurement support


Impartial, objective and collaborative

Our fundamental business objective is to influence better outcomes across all fronts.
Better social infrastructure, better value for money, better solutions and a better future.

Committed to impartiality, transparency and collaboration, Axess seeks to complement the specialised knowledge held by our clients.


With decades of achievements between them, the combined experience and knowledge held by our directors represents access to exceptional insights.

Dierk Hartmann

Dierk Hartmann

Commercial and strategic advisor

Dierk is a business development manager passionate about delivering results and solving high-level problems. He has a reputation internationally for improving business performance and spearheading strategic innovations in a range of sectors.

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